Supporting mothers through the pandemic

Area of Focus:
Kenya, Nigeria

TRANSFORM Survive & Thrive supported Bliss Group in creating a reactive response to the pandemic to address an increase in health and domestic violence concerns, and ensure that low-income mothers can continue to access critical goods through the Villagepreneur agent network.

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The challenge

When the pandemic arrived, the Kenyan and Nigerian governments struggled to reach citizens with much needed public health information or maintain access to critical household goods and services.

Our challenge was to help Bliss Group ensure critical information was conveyed to the public and that mums, particularly those with low-incomes, could continue to get what they needed to support their families through the pandemic.

The impact enterprise

Bliss Group is an information and e-commerce platform dedicated to serving the needs of pregnant women and mothers in Kenya and Nigeria. The business is focused on addressing health and well-being needs and providing information and support related to domestic violence.

The idea

Increase Bliss Group’s capabilities to provide critical health information and support around domestic violence, and maintain access to much needed household goods through the Villagepreneur network through the pandemic.

The implementation

Bliss Group will focus on disseminating critical information and providing access to the goods mums need.

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Sharing crucial information

This includes sharing government directives in four priority languages, creating COVID-19 content with local health experts, and hosting online group discussions via WhatsApp and video webinars to provide antenatal support for pregnant women.

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Ensuring access to essentials

Bliss Group also ensures that pregnant women and mums had easy access to mum and baby essentials including diapers, soaps, sanitizers, masks and food.

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Boosting incomes for Villagepreneurs

This increased the earnings potential of local female Villagepreneurs who sell these products online, helping to support them and their families through the pandemic.

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